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17th Woman to Accuse Deputy Fischer of Misconduct Claims Internal Affairs Pressured Her Not to File Complaint

The alleged victim claims she was interviewed by SDSO Internal Affairs and was pressured not to file a complaint

A 17th woman has come forward accusing San Diego County Sheriff's Deputy Richard Fischer of inappropriate behavior.

The most recent accuser says her encounter with Fischer happened in September 2012, when she was 23 years old.

According to her claim, Fischer pulled her over on Interstate 8 near San Diego State University because the tint on her windows was too dark. He allegedly told her that he could smell alcohol and that he could arrest her, but didn't.

The woman claims Fischer then followed her home to make sure she got there safely. The claim described Fischer as “flirtatious” and “giddy” during the stop, and not acting like a “normal cop.”

When the woman arrived home and parked, Fischer allegedly approached her, asked for her phone number and hugged her without her consent. She claims she feared Fischer would arrest her if she did not give him her phone number so she did.

Fischer allegedly sent her approximately 20 text messages over the next two days, some flirtatious in nature and others expressing desire to see her again. The woman replied to the text messages because she was still intimidated but the two never arranged to meet, according to the claim.

Two days after the traffic stop, two SDSO detectives came to the woman’s home while she was gone asking to speak with her. Her roommates told her about it and she met with the detectives the next day on campus at SDSU to talk about Fischer.

The woman says detectives told her they had tracked Fischer’s patrol car GPS and saw that he had come by her house several times over the past three days.

She says the detectives never asked her for a copy of the text messages and never asked what they said.

The claim states the detectives pressure the woman not to file a complaint, saying things like, “You don’t really want to file a complaint, right?”

About one week after the interview with detectives, the woman was contacted by two detectives with the SDSO’s Internal Affairs unit. The woman met with the IA detectives and gave the same statement she did in the first interview, according to the claim.

She alleges the IA detectives made similar comments as the first regarding her not filing a complaint, and said she was still frightened that she could be arrested for suspicion of DUI.

The woman says she never had additional contact with Fischer or any SDSO personnel after the second interview, but changed her number and moved from her place because she felt uncomfortable with what happened.

The woman said she read about similar allegations made against Fischer online in May and noticed some of the scenarios other alleged victims described were similar to her interaction with Fischer.

Fischer faces misconduct allegations from 16 other women. The 16th, his former babysitter and coworker at the Santee SDSO substation, made her allegations on Monday.

Last week a Vista judge ruled Fischer must stand trial on 15 charges of groping and fondling 13 women.

Thirteen alleged victims testified in the preliminary hearing. Fischer pleaded not guilty to 15 criminal counts that include assault and battery under the color of authority.

Fischer's attorney said it would be inappropriate to comment due to the ongoing civil and criminal cases.

NBC 7’ reached out to the SDSO and has not heard back.

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