Sunset Cliffs Rescue Turns Deadly

The 65-year old man, whom lifeguards were trying to rescue, died, authorities confirmed

A man stuck on Sunset Cliffs died Tuesday as San Diego Lifeguards and firefighters launched a difficult rescue, officials confirmed.

At around 2:50 p.m., San Diego Lifeguards and a San Diego Fire-Rescue Department (SDFD) crew were called to Sunset Cliffs Park at Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and Osprey Street to help a person on the cliffs.

Raw video shows a lifeguard being lowered down the cliff to rescue the victim who was later pronounced dead at the scene.

About 40 minutes into the rescue operation, officials confirmed the person had died.

Although officials are not identifying the victim by name, they confirmed that it is a 65-year old man.

Lifeguards say a woman and her husband heard a thump and saw the man unconscious, in the water. While her husband jumped into pull the man out of the water and began to perform CPR, the woman called 911 for help.

Lt. Andy Lerun from the San Diego Lifeguards said the man who jumped in to save the 65-year old man was not a strong swimmer but commended him for helping.

"It took amazing amount of courage to respond the way he did," Lerun said.

Sadly, the man was prounounced dead at the scene.

Richard Aguirre, from the organzation Save Sunset Cliffs said the area is dangerous even with all of the warning signs.

"We see it all the time. Yesterday, I almost saw a kid fall off the cliff," Aguirre said.

Authorities are investigating the incident but say they want to remind vistors to be safe.

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