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When the Box Says '75-Inch TV' and It's Only 40

NBC 7 Responds and T20 Responde heard from a man who unboxed a much smaller TV than expected.

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For most of us, getting a big new TV is exciting. You just want to get home and fire it up.

When one San Diego man got home and opened up the box, though, he was surprised to discover that what was inside was anything but a big new TV. In fact, it was almost half the size of the one that the box said was inside.

"The first thing that pops up is a little 40-inch TV, not a 75-inch," said Juan Vasquez, who works in Kearny Mesa. "It was shocking! I was mad. My blood sugar just dropped. I'm diabetic, so it was scary for a moment."

Vasquez, who said the box said it had a 75 inch TV inside but was filled with extra packing materials, ordered the TV from Walmart. Not surprisingly, he tried to calling the store about the problem but said he couldn't get ahold of anyone to report the issue.

"It was really upsetting," Vasquez said. "Calling them and not answering the phone for like 45 minutes? It was upsetting."

The next day, he said, he went to Walmart to try to return the TV.

"Their words were, 'How do we know you didn't switch it?' " Vasquez said. "There was not much they could do. He did say at the end if I bought another one I'd get a 20% discount."

That's when Vasquez contacted our sister team at T20 Responde. They contacted Walmart, and an employee said they would look into the issue. T20 Responde did not get a statement from Walmart, but soon afterward Vasquez got some great news.

"I received a call from Walmart saying go pick up my TV," Vasquez said. "Justice was served. It was the way it was supposed to be, getting the product that I paid for."

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