Mira Mesa Homeowner Caught In Solar Flare-Up

NBC 7 Responds helps shed some light on a troubled solar install

It is news that every homeowner dreads; when the roofer tells you it’s time for a new roof.

Mira Mesa homeowner Peter Nguyen was told exactly that in May of this year. Nguyen was then asked if he had considered getting solar, and if so, he could get a package deal.

Nguyen agreed and hired Sunrun in June to install the residential solar system on his new roof.

The install was completed the following month. In September, Nguyen got approval from San Diego Gas and Electric to power the system up.

It wasn’t long until he noticed a problem.

“We didn’t see any electricity generated,” Nguyen told NBC 7 Responds. “We waited and waited and I tried to call in several times and see why we didn’t see anything.”

Despite the lack of results, Nguyen had to make payments on the new solar and roof while continuing to pay San Diego Gas and Electric to power his home.

“We were expecting to get the solar system through the summer but we didn’t.”

October came and went, and his solar panels had worked for only six days out of the month. And when the system was generating electricity, it was less than 10 kilowatts a day, not enough to power his Mira Mesa home.

Nguyen got on the phone and was told to call Sunrun’s solar partner to fix the issue. He did but with no results.

“I got nowhere and got very frustrated so I contacted your team to help us out. “

NBC 7 contacted Sunrun and the next day Nguyen says a representative contacted him and told him the company would install a new inverter, that the inverter was the wrong type for the system.

Now, Nguyen says his system is up, though, a little late.

“It’s good but it’s kinda too late because it’s winter now,” said Nguyen.

In a statement a spokesperson for Sunrun told NBC 7 Responds that the company was working to resolve the issue when contacted by the Responds Team. The spokesperson confirmed the system was up and running and Nguyen was able to track the system’s performance. 

Nguyen said he owes it to NBC 7 Responds. “You guys are very wonderful and I really appreciate it. I hope that other people will contact you with the issues they have and they too can get the problem resolved by your team.”

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