How to Juke Fake Super Bowl Tickets

NBC 7 Responds looked at some things you should consider if you're in the market for tickets to SuperBowl XVI in Los Angeles

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Super Bowl XVI is not only a highlight of the year for football fans, it's also a time when people will try to trick you into buying fake tickets or merchandise.

"A lot of scammers take advantage of this time," said Viriaiana Quintana of the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB is warning consumers to look out for people trying to take advantage of team spirit, especially in San Diego, which is just down the road from the Big Game.

"If someone is purchasing Super Bowl tickets or another large event, do their research," said Quintana. "Make sure you are purchasing from a vetted website or somewhere that has been verified."

Remember that it's a highly sought-after event. So the BBB says people might try to trick you into acting quickly and buying fake tickets that are heavily discounted.

"That's not to say they might not be real, but it's definitely a red flag if you see a very, very low price when you know tickets are rare at this time," said Quintana.

If you are buying through an online website or storefront, Quintana says do your research on the shop.

"Read any fine print, make sure they have a refund policy, make sure they have the correct details and information," said Quintana. "Look at the company. Is it somewhere you have purchased from before or that others have purchased from before?"

As a last line of defense, the BBB recommends using a credit card to make the purchase. Credit card companies will usually have better protections in place if you do fall victim to a scheme.

Keep in mind that most websites will also only ask for your basic information, and your payment information. If a website starts asking you to give up too many personal details, take a minute to verify its legitimacy.

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