Escondido Pawn Shop Break-in Leaves People Without Answers

The break-in impacted an estimated 1,000 people amid approximately $500,000 in losses

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Escondido police say they continue to investigate a November burglary at a pawn shop on North Broadway, where an estimated $500,000 worth of items were stolen from a safe.

A spokesperson for Frontera Cash & Loan's parent company, Coastal Cash and Loan, described the robbery as "sophisticated." They said the robbers allegedly went through the roof, disabling the alarm system in what was described as a 5-hour-long break-in.

Among the items taken were pieces of jewelry and electronics, which an estimated 1,000 people had left with the pawnshop in exchange for loans.

In the weeks following the break-in, the pawnshop closed permanently, leaving some customers unaware their items went missing.

Maria Sedano was one of Frontera's hundreds of customers. She pawned a $1,800 Swiss watch for a $600 loan, as well as jewelry.

"The value of one of the gold chains is $3,500," Sedano said.

She told Telemundo 20 she received a letter from Coastal Cash and Loan stating the company would forgive the amount of the loan. However, nothing was said about the actual value of those items.

"The letter said that Frontera was not responsible for our items and they would pardon our loan. Our stuff was stolen from your guys' property. That property should be protected," Sedano said.

Telemundo 20 also spoke to several other customers who shared similar stories.

A spokesperson for Coastal Cash and Loan, who asked not to be named, said the company is offering to forgive the loan and all interest involved and are continuing to investigate the break-in.

Customers such as Sedano don't think that's enough. They want to get their family heirlooms back or at least replaced with similar items.

"I think [replacing the items] would be the best thing they could do, and if not then we need our money to buy the chain and the watch again," Sedano said.

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