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South Bay City Looks to Help Residents Pay Their Rent

Thousands struggle to make ends meet amid coronavirus pandemic

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The City of Chula Vista has set aside more than $1 million for residents who may have trouble paying next month’s rent.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced some businesses to close or slash hours for employees. That leaves thousands of people in the South Bay without an income to pay rent.

“What we have realized is that a lot of the community is only one paycheck away from being on the streets,” said Angelica Davis, a Senior Management Analyst with the City of Chula Vista’s Housing Division.

“We don’t know when people will get back on their feet,” Davis said. “It’s been extremely difficult.”

Tuesday night, the Chula Vista City Council approved shifting a little more than $1 million in their budget to a tenant-based rental assistance program.

“We took prior year money that was unutilized and used that for a new tenant-based rental assistance program for people that are directly affected by COVID-19,” Davis explained.

“Other cities are also adopting programs that are similar,” she added.

Davis said anyone who needs help, simply call South Bay Community Services, a non-profit that is moderating the assistance program.

“I feel extremely grateful that we are in a position to be able to help somebody to help the family,” she said. “We need to make sure that the people that do have a home, stay in place.”

Davis said the city also has programs to help fill gaps in childcare and utility bills.

As of May 14, the city of Chula Vista announced they had reached capacity and cannot accept any more applications. Those in need of rental assistance are asked to contact 211 for other options.

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