Social-Distance Signs Offer Fortune Cookie Wisdom Right Beneath Our Feet

Stores and restaurants around San Diego get creative telling customers how to stay 6 feet apart.

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They’re everywhere you go these days, fortune cookie wisdom every 6 feet, right beneath your feet.

Creative Markers Remind San Diegans to Keep Their Distance

Local and national stores and restaurants are putting their best foot forward when it comes to reminding people to keep their distance from one another and to stay healthy. Some are taking the opportunity to dish out a little positive reinforcement.

“You’re doing great,” reads a blue circle in a shoe store at UTC Mall.

“Don’t stand so close to me,” reads a quote on the floor from the band the Police in the lobby of the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego in the Gaslamp.

“Keep your hands to yourself,” quotes the Georgia Satellites six feet later.

The creative reminders are meant to entertain, but ultimately protect, customers and employees.

The Grocery Outlet in Poway is full of sass.

“Just like your first high school dance, 6 feet apart please,” read one of their red circles as you wind your way to the checkout line.

“Like a good neighbor, stay over there,” reads the next circle.

And the ultimate nod to social distancing supremacy: “We were social distancing before it was cool.”

In Balboa Park, the Air & Space Museum took full advantage of their floor-bound reminders. “We love space,” proclaims an astronaut with arms spread 6-feet wide.

It’s part of the new normal in the United States.  Six feet away from strangers is one of the ways public health officials hope to crush the coronavirus.

A yellow circle in one shop offers proof: “We love you. Stay safe.”

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