Salon Moves Outdoors … to a Restaurant

Tailored Hair and Quartyard team up to survive slow pandemic

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“We adapt, and we’ll take it day-by-day.”

Lizzy Broughton is cutting Justin Navalle’s hair underneath a large black umbrella. This is the new home for her Tailored Hair salon.

“You gotta be a little scrappy. and you gotta be a little smart,” Broughton said about her new outdoor location in San Diego’s East Village.

Tailored Hair has been around for almost eight years but was always sheltered beneath a roof.

“I cannot believe this is an actual reality,” Broughton said, smiling behind her mask.

Broughton is smiling because Tailored Hair’s new location is outside at Quartyard, an outdoor restaurant and bar. Her salon is now using Quartyard’s dog run, where four salon chairs and mirrors have been set up.

“This is crazy!” Broughton said, laughing. “We’re literally standing in a dog park. In a dog park!”

Navalle is her first outdoor customer -- and one of the co-owners of Quartyard, a unique restaurant he calls a social experiment.

“We took unused land and we utilized it to activate the space,” Navalle said. “What more of a social experiment is this -- to get your hair cut in a dog run.”

“I think the more partnerships we have the better, and we’ll ride the wave together,” Broughton said.

“It made sense," Navalle said. "It was a no-brainer.”

Broughton said she's going to try out the new location for at least a couple of weeks before re-evaluating. However, she said they’re already booked for the next two weeks.

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