Whitney Southwick

Whitney Southwick, Traffic, NBC 7 News Today & Weather, NBC 7 News Midday

Whitney started his NBC 7 career in 1976 as a writer/producer and got his first “on-air” shot a year later Anchoring the local cut-ins that appear on the TODAY SHOW.  He spent the next ten years covering news all over the county, especially the South Bay.  In the late 80s he fulfilled his dream of covering the Padres, Aztecs and Chargers with a move to the Sports Department.  Whitney then made the jump to weather in 1996 and there he stayed until 2011 when he shifted his focus to Traffic and special Guest Segments in the NBC 7 News Today.  Along with reporting traffic in the mornings, Whitney can also be seen reporting weather on NBC 7 News Midday from 11A-11:30A with Mari Payton.

Whitney handles numerous community duties outside the station. You’ll often see him emceeing an event for everything from the Police Department to the American Diabetes Association.  He also works alongside the Salvation Army, presenting a deserving boy or girl a brand new bicycle each week. Bikes for Kids is in its 18th year and has put a big smile on an awful lot of faces in that time.  Whitney was recently awarded the Combined Health Agencies Volunteer of the Year Award in Fall 2012, nominated by the American Diabetes Association for dedicating his time and passion to many causes in San Diego.

No doubt Whitney has a true love for San Diego, especially its fantastic weather, so it's no wonder that his personal interests lie in being an outdoorsman; spending his free time walking, cycling, skiing and sailing.

Drop Whitney a line: whitney.southwick@nbcuni.com. 
Follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/swick13

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