Seasonal Stomp: South Coast Grape Festivity

Is this the fall you finally put feet to fruit?

STEP ON A PIECE OF FRUIT... while walking around the kitchen in barefeet or socks and you're going to let out a "darn" or something stronger. For the truth of it? You didn't mean to squash that strawberry under your big toe, and that kiwi slice? It really didn't deserve your heel. Sometimes, though, fruit is stepped on with intent, and passion, and a few dramatics, too. That typically happens during a grape-stomping event, the sort of to-do that asks visitors to help turn tiny orbs of vine-vivacious goodness into the liquid that will eventually become wine. If you've longed to try just this, but find that you don't come across grape stomps in your day-to-day life (it's not you; they're not all that common), turn your grape-loving gaze upon Temecula Valley, and South Coast Winery Resort & Spa, where revelers will kick off their shoes, literally, to stomp some juice-brimming, fingertip-sized globes. The 2017 Grape Stomp Festival date is...

SUNDAY, SEPT. 17, and the late-afternoon affair includes the Blessing of the Wines, too (indeed, there's a Blessing of the Vines event in the springtime at South Coast). Will there be a Wine Country Buffet? There shall be, so prepare to fill your plate with vittles like South Coast Brined Pork Loin, Roasted Atlantic Salmon, or Marinated Garlic Herb Lemon Chicken, plus an assortment of sides. Live tunes, tractor rides, and, yes, opportunities to put the ball of your foot down on some grapes are all on deck. This is a few days ahead of fall, so call it the last summer fling, one that has autumnal overtones. And wine-nice overtones, too, should you want to stock up for fall and the holidays while you're there.

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