Report: Padres Trade Greene

The San Diego Padres have a hole in the infield, according to published reports.

Both the San Diego Union-Tribune and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch are reporting that shortstop Khalil Greene is headed to the Cardinals, but neither team has yet to confirm the trade. It's not yet known who the Padres will get in the deal, but the Post-Dispatch reported that two Cardinals were dealt and that one of them may be a right-handed relief pitcher.

There may have been bad blood between the shortstop and the front office. The U-T reported that the team stopped paying him in August after the frustrated Greene broke his hand punching a storage chest.

Greene was the infield defensive anchor since 2004. He batted .214 in 2008 and missed rest of the season after injuring his hand.

Read the Union-Tribune's "Shortstop Greene Heading to St. Louis" for more details.

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