Electrifying Ben Vereen Lights Up Anthology

Iconic singer-dancer appears two nights at local club

A legend comes to Anthology: Ben Vereen is the original triple-threat, according to a poster on Yelp.com. With unrivaled talents as an actor, dancer and singer, Vereen has found himself a household name for decades.

The famed entertainer will charm the audience at Anthology July 2 and July 3 with Broadway selections and storytelling.

"He's a cool, laid-back cat," fan Tina Antoine said.

Vereen's illustrious career has earned him awards for his work on Broadway, on the big screen and the small screen, and, of course, for the landmark "Roots" miniseries, for which he earned seven Emmys.

Vereen's first love is the stage.

"It taught me discipline, dedication and appreciation of hard work, and values that will stay with me a lifetime," Vereen says on his Web site. "The stage sharpens the creative instrument and encourages you to go deeper inside and try new things. "

Vereen's electrifying dance performances are unforgettable. Wearing Converse shoes at the time he was asked if he wears special when performing, he replied that he can dance in any kind of shoes.

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