Chargers Down but Not Out

Even a last second loss to the Colts and a 4-7 record hasn't ended the Chargers hopes.

"We can't think of what could have been, but what can be," said safety Clinton Hart.

This Thanksgiving they should give thanks for being in the AFC West. The Chargers are still just two games behind the Broncos with five to play.

"We just have to win a game to get going again," according to Philip Rivers. He also is growing tired of the fans.  "It's not like they're used to being 12 and 4 every year."

Staying confident through this type of season is getting more difficult with every game and loss.

"It's everybody on the outside that you can't listen to. We're the only 4-7 team that can still make the playoffs," Rivers said.

That's true. I guess they're down but not officially out.

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