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House of Mexico Opens its Doors in Balboa Park

The House of Mexico has a new home in the iconic park after 80 years

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Monica Garske

The House of Mexico is celebrating its return to Balboa Park’s House of Pacific Relations (HPR) International Cottages with a grand opening Saturday.

The House will serve as a center for Mexican culture around San Diego and across the border with our closest international neighbors.

Despite being one of the original members of HPR in 1935, Mexico hasn't had a cottage in over 80 years.

In 1941, six years after its creation, the House was discontinued in the HPR organization for unknown reasons.

The House of Mexico was revived in 2001 and voted back in as a member of HPR in 2004.

Now, in 2021, the House is finally opening the doors to its very own International Cottage.

The House of Mexico will help locals and visitors alike foster awareness, appreciation and understanding of Mexican culture and traditions.

The 'House of Mexico" is hosting the celebration. Telemundo 20's Rigo Villalobos has more.

In late August, the park welcomed five new international cottages- home to nine member nations and groups. Mexico joins them as the latest international cottage.

To learn more about the House of Mexico and programming available, you can visit its website here.

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