Worth the Drive: Toned, Tanned Surf Heroes

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Your job: Decide to get out of town and fast. Our job: Help you find where you're headed. This week, Worth the Drive takes us to...

Hurley US Open of Surfing: Over 500,000 people watch while over 300 of the world’s top surfers from all over the world compete for one of the largest prize purses in history.

What does this mean for you? Toned and tanned surf heros on beautiful Huntington Beach, of course. Need we say more?

Look out for:  Young and older surf champs like Michel Bourez, Dusty Payne, Kai Barger, Nat Young, Phil Edwards, Coco Ho, Jeff Hakman and of course, Kelly Slater.

More to it than just surfing: If you can peel your eyes away from the surf, you'll find the Hurley Walk the Walk Fashion Show, a 14-acre Festival Village that allows attendees to sample action sports products and services, a BMX and skateboard competition, concerts and live art murals and other right-brained-inspired exhibits.

Save the dates: From July 31 to August 8, back-to-back heats will take place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Cost: What cost?  Since it’s free admission, don’t worry about staying the entire day. Perhaps you'll want to gallivant around and explore the beach town for a bit.

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