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Where to Get Christmas Trees in San Diego



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    The search for the perfect Christmas tree is an annual tradition for many San Diegans.

    Once the Thanksgiving meal and pumpkin pie has been served, many San Diegans turn their attention to preparing for the next holiday.

    For thousands of families, that will mean finding the perfect Christmas tree.

    While you can always find an inexpensive tree at retail giants like IKEA, Costco or Home Depot, there are still local companies offering the ability for families to wander aimlessly selecting a tree that meets all the qualifications for the perfect center of their Christmas holiday.

    Here's a list of local Christmas tree farms and lots you'll find in San Diego County.

    Finding Your Perfect Christmas Tree

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    Family Christmas Tree Farm
    Located off State Route in El Cajon opens every year after Thanksgiving for the traditional tree hunt. Customers can hand pick and then hand cut the one they want to bring home.

    Pine Tree Acres
    This Ramona tree farm offers the ability to cut your own tree, purchase a potted tree or find the perfect tree already cut for your home. Open the day after Thanksgiving through December 15.

    The Julian Christmas Tree Ranch
    Located at the top of the Banner Grade, along State Highway 78, less than a mile east of the historic mining town of Julian, California. Open Wednesday through Sunday through the weekend before Christmas.

    Adopt-a-Tree Service Gives New Life to Christmas

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    Highland Valley Christmas Tree Farm
    Located on Highland Valley Road in Ramona, customers can select their tree and have staffers cut and shake the tree before strapping it on the car for the trip home. Open Thursday – Sunday.

    For those who are looking for a way to select a Christmas tree without the drive or the hike, Pinery Christmas Trees have locations throughout San Diego County.

    In Carlsbad, the staff at Wilson Family Trees offers a delivery service for those who can’t haul their tree home.

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    For those living in central San Diego, Mission Hills Nursery also offers delivery. Open daily 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Adopt a Christmas Tree
    Offers live potted trees delivered by singing elves. Customers have the option of keeping their tree and planting it in their own yard, or having it picked up and replanted somewhere in the county.