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Ailing Mischa Barton's TV Series Postponed

The "O.C." starlet is still under psych eval at hospital



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    Mischa Barton had an apparent meltdown.

    Production of actress Mischa Barton's new television series "The Beautiful Life" has been delayed as the starlet remains under psych evaluation at a Los Angeles hospital after her meltdown last week. 

    The "O.C." star, who plays a high fashion model trying to keep on top of her career in the new drama, remains hospitalized after cops "removed" the 23-year old from her home last week following her "freak out," reported.

    Shooting of the new CW series about models living in a coed residence in New York City was slated to begin July 22 but has been delayed to July 31 because some of the sets have yet to be completed.

    The star was reportedly fresh off a three-day bender and was so high on coke her friends thought she might kill herself, sources told The New York Post

    Cops placed the star under Section 5150 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code -- also used on Britney Spears twice in Jan. 2008 -- after cops responded to her home last Wednesday.

    "She's running out of money and can't find love, so now she is looking for a good time to escape her misery," a source told the Post. "She is on a downward spiral."

    "She is a mess. She is a suicidal, uninsurable mess."

    Barton, once criticized for being too thin, was photographed just a day before her meltdown poolside at a Los Angeles hotel wearing heavy black eyeliner and appearing bloated.

    Mischa also made headlines two weeks ago when she was reportedly kicked out of the bathroom at an exclusive London nightclub for trying to bring a girlfriend into one of the bathroom stalls.