The 69th Latino Book & Family Festival is BACK!!!

Virtual Event

The 69th Latino Book & Family Festival is BACK!!!

We are proud to enrich the community with information, education, and activities with this Virtual Event! You are invited to participate in these free festivities and workshops every Wednesday at 11am and some Saturdays at or in facebook @LBFFs Helping the community grow!  

Here are the events:

  • Our 69th Latino Book & Family Festival, a virtual event from 11-12:30pm on the following Saturdays - August 7th, August 28th, October 2nd and November 6th.
  • Our 23rd International Latino Book Awards held over a 2-day period - October 16th at 1pm and 4pm and October 17th, 1pm and 4pm.
  • Our North County Informador, a San Diego North County E-newsletter covering community, government, educational, arts, cultural and entertainment events.
  • The Great Summer Book Giveaway on Saturday, July 31st from 10-4pm.
  • our Empowering Latino Futures Partnership Kit which includes opportunities on partnering and volunteering with us, advertising prospects and donor opportunities.

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