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December Nights

Tim Pyles of the Local Pyle and FM 94/9 peruses the December calendar for all the best shows



    What the ho, ho, ho!  Happy holidays, music lovers. I hope you get everything you wanted and more. If I could suggest one thing, please support one of our many great independent record stores like M-Theory, Thirsty Moon, Off the Record, Record City, Lou's Records, Spin Records, TAANG! or Access Music.  As for shows and happenings in town this month, let's peruse the calendar:

    12/3:  Paul Banks @ House of Blues
    Interpol frontman gone solo, again. Remember Julian Plenti?
    12/3:  Hot Snakes & Night Marchers @ Casbah (sold out)
    Two behemoths in the local music scene, both featuring John Reis
    12/4:  Streetlight Manifesto @ House of Blues
    Third wave ska punk heroes from NJ get together and form a fourth wave ska punk band
    12/5:  Death Grips @ Casbah
    Not sure what to call it, but it's good.  Punk, electro, hip-hop, beats, destruction, awesomeness!
    12/5, 12/6:  Chris Robinson Brotherhood @ Belly Up
    New project from the former frontman of the Black Crowes.
    12/6:  David Bazan @ Casbah
    Former frontman for Pedro the Lion
    12/7:  The Killers, M83, Passion Pit and more @ Viejas Arena
    This big radio station holiday show has a nice lineup
    12/7:  The Whammy (Slim Jim Phantom of Stray Cats, Tim Polecat from the Polecats and Jonny Bowler of the Guana Batz) @ Casbah
    Rockabilly legends '80s revival
    12/6:  Metric @ House Of Blues
    Awesome Canadian band that sounds nothing like Rush
    12/8, 12/9:  Chris Issak Holiday Show @ Belly Up
    The dude is actually funny and he has hit songs.
    12/10:  The Mountain Goats @ The Irenic
    Folk rock band from Claremont, Calif., not our Clairemont
    12/10:  Supersuckers @ Casbah
    The self-described greatest band in rock & roll in the world
    12/12:  Justin Townes Earle @ Belly Up
    Son of Steve Earle, who is named after his mentor, Townes van Zandt, a poet and Texas country-folk music singer
    12/12:  Allen Stone, ZZ Ward @ Balboa Theater
    Mixing blues, hip-hop and soul, her first name is actually Zsuzsanna.  Allen the hipie with soul recently toured with Dave Matthews Band, but don't let that keep you away
    12/12:  Public Enemy @ 4th & B
    Fight the power with reality star Flavor Flav.
    12/13:  Alt-J @ Casbah
    Big stuff in the UK, new to America and sold out
    12/14: The Soft Pack @ The Griffin
    A band known once as the Muslims before they moved on from San Diego
    12/14, 12/15:  The Growlers @ Casbah
    Self-proclaimed beach goth band from Dana Point
    12/15: King Tuff @ Til Two Club
    Garage rock and power pop make for a nice mix from this band
    12/16:  Boys Noize @ House Of Blues
    Cool indie dance rock for the kids who hate the Gaslamp
    12/16:  Los Lobos @ Belly Up
    Music legends that represent East Los Angeles so well.  Still love their takes on Ritchie Valens songs from the movie La Bamba.
    12/19:  High on Fire @ Brick By Brick
    Awesome stoner metal from Oakland, which has quite the cannabis industry
    12/19: Bootsy Collins @ Belly Up
    The funkiest bass player ever, especially having rose to fame with James Brown, then Parliment-Funkadelic
    12/21: Kinky @ House of Blues
    Amazing electronic alternative rock from Monterrey, Mexico. Lyrics in both Spanish and English, but either ways it's just good
    12/21:  The Burning of Rome @ Soda Bar
    The best psychedelic alternative pop band in the universe, and they are from San Diego
    12/22: El Vez @ Casbah
    Mex-mas 2012 from the former local that started his music carreer with South Bay punk legends the Zeros. Another cool thing is, he's taking Pat Beers of locals Schitzophonics on tour with him
    12/27:  Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven @ Belly Up
    Both bands are great, but all I will say is "Take the Skinheads Bowling," so classic
    12/27:  Primus @ Balboa Theater
    Experimental alternative funk-rock metal band, and that only maybe slightly describes them. My favorite things is that their fans love saying "Primus Sucks"; it's a term of endearment
    12/31:  Reverend Horton Heat @ House of Blues
    Psychobilly, rockabilly and country from one of the hardest-working men in show business
    12/31: Dirty Sweet @ The Griffin
    Local legends reunite for New Years Eve. Does it mean more?
    12/31: Steve Poltz @ Casbah
    This is the hardest-working man in local music, with fans that would do anything for him
    12/31: Little Hurricane @ Lafayette Hotel
    These kids have Taco Bell money, now. Congrats!
    So now you have your holiday season shows as picked by me, but these are just my picks to be shared with you. I saw a bunch of other shows I left out -- one is the two-night stint Snoop Dogg is doing at the Belly Up. Those should be fun. Anyway, happy holidays, and to sum it up, my favorite holiday statement came about a few years ago courtesy of Virgin Mobile. Here it is Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah!

    Tim Pyles hosts The Local 94/9, FTP show and the Coup d'Eat on FM94/9 on Sundays from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. He also books local acts at the Casbah and hosts the weekly Anti-Monday League. Check out his website and follow him on Twitter @thelocalpyle. You can reach him directly here


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