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Google More Valuable Than Apple?



    Google is the most valuable technology company in the world -- yes, more than Apple -- at least by one measure, according to a report.

    The metric used isn't market capitalization, where Apple still reigns at $378 billion (Google has $286 billion), but the enterprise value, the Wall Street Journal reported. The method used is the enterprise value, or the value of the company's operations -- basically subtracting each company's cash hoard. For Google, this number is $241 billion, and only $233 billion for Apple.

    Essentially, Apple is worth so much because it has $145 billion in cash, while Google's actual company is worth more.

    Shocking? Not entirely if you have been reading recent news about Apple, including its Wall Street woes.
    However, this is just one way to measure a company's value, and Apple still beats Google at market capitalization.