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4 hours ago

Docs Detail Evidence in Mission Valley Xmas Eve Killings

One week after a San Diego Man pleaded guilty to murdering three young San Diego residents by shooting them to death in the parking lot of Mission Valley mall on Christmas Eve 2013, NBC 7 has obtained records...

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White House Slams Coverage of Inaugural Crowd Size

The new White House press secretary used his first press briefing to launch a furious tirade against media coverage of President Donald Trump's inauguration, calling it "shameful and wrong" for focusing on...

Saturday, Jan 21, 2017

Women's Marches Attract Masses Across the Globe

Legions of women flooded parks, streets and city squares from Sydney to Paris to Philadelphia on Saturday, marching in solidarity as a show of empowerment and a stand against Donald Trump. More than 600 "sister...

Popcorn-Biz Popcorn-Biz

Old Spice Guy And Jennifer Aniston: Together At Last

Old Spice Guy And Jennifer Aniston: Together At Last

He's red hot and smelling quite fantastic.