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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks "Hesher," "Looper" and "I'm With Cancer"




    Joseph Gordon-Levitt is making the rounds to promote "Inception," and took some time to discuss some of his upcoming films, including "Hesher," "Looper" and the movie formerly know as "I'm With Cancer," with Collider.

    We caught "Hesher," starring Gordon-Levitt as a long-haired, tattooed stoner, at Sundance and were knocked out by his performance; "Looper" is his time-travel movie from director Rian Johnson and co-starring Bruce Willis; and he just wrapped The Untitled Cancer Comedy with Seth Rogen and director James Levine.

    The New "Inception" Trailer, Now With More Plot!

    [NATL] The New "Inception" Trailer, Now With More Plot!
    With it's release fast approaching, the thinking-man's summer blockbuster from director Chris Nolan and starring Leonardo DiCaprio's, serves up a a few hints at what the hell the damn thing is about. (Published Wednesday, May 30, 2012)