Unwind Time: Oaks at Ojai

Greet the new year with hikes, yoga classes, and other detox-nice to-dos.

DECEMBER'S TWO PATHS: If ever there was a month for indulging, it is the one we're in. But, coincidentally, or not, the last month of the year happens to be the time for making healthier plans for the new year. We may be visiting the appetizer table at the company party for seconds and thirds, even as we're vowing to drop a few pounds and rethink our lifestyles come 2013. Sometimes those two things dovetail, such as when a holiday gift is given that supports a relaxing, healthy break. Sometimes that gift is given to one's self, too, as a jump-start to a new, more physically fit tomorrow. Whatever the case, the Oaks at Ojai, a destination devoted to improving body and mind, is just about to enter its prime time.

AT THE OAKS: The tucked-among-the-hills spa regularly has a few specials going, but the Half-Price Roommates sounds perfectly budget-y to us: If you and a friend stay for three nights or longer, and share a room (and you'll want to, right, since you're buds?), then they get 50% off the rate. There's an end date on that approaching soon-ish, but other deals are on the offer.

A FEW ACTIVITIES: The spa is definitely known for its menu of get-out-and-get-fit to-dos, from scrubby-hill'd hikes to zumba and belly dance classes. Cuisine and spa services complement all the fitness-y fun. We like best, though, that the Oaks really takes advantage of its Ojai-perfect location; hikes and brisk walks are standard fare at the resort. That's something we can all do at home more, too.

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