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It's Not Over Yet

At least two more storms are due this week



    It's Not Over Yet

    It was the wettest week San Diego County has seen since the record rains of the winter of 2004-05.


    While officially, the county received only 3.30 inches, since that's what fell at the region's official reporting station Lindbergh Field, some areas got more than 3 times that amount. 

    Warner Springs for example, totaled 11.56 inches and was the wettest spot in the county for the week.

    Of course, up on the mountains, much of the rain from the last couple of storms turned to snow.

    Even Borrego Springs, out in the middle of the usually dry desert, received more than downtown San Diego -- 4.89 inches.

    Click here to see where your neighborhood might have fallen on the "wet scale."

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    It was a very wet week, but the county has seen much worse.
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    Remember, we're not through yet. At least two more storms are due this week, one beginning late Tuesday. The other should move in sometime Saturday.