• Hong Kong 8 hours ago

    Nearly 600,000 Vote in Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Primaries

    Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers have voted in an unofficial two-day primary election held by the city’s pro-democracy camp as it gears up to field candidates for an upcoming legislative poll

  • Hong Kong Jul 1

    HK Citizens Debate Leaving as China Passes Controversial New Law

    People living in Hong Kong are starting to seek a way out after China passed a controversial new national security law that the people of Hong Kong said violates their autonomy. The passage of the law is seen as Beijing’s response to the year-long, anti-government protests that have swept the former territory.

  • Beijing Jun 17

    Beijing Under Renewed Lockdown to Contain Outbreak

    Beijing, China’s capital city, has reinstated restrictions after more than a hundred people were sickened from a market that feeds 80% of the city.

  • Hong Kong May 29

    Trump Revokes Hong Kong Special Privileges in Response to Chinese Oversteps

    President Donald Trump announced that it would revoke special privileges granted to Hong Kong, including U.S. extradition policies and separate travel customs and visas from China, and will enact economic sanctions. The president said these measures were in response to China’s violation the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration, which gives Hong Kong a high degree of autonomy from Beijing.

  • coronavirus Mar 7

    San Diego Woman Misses Birth of First Grandchild in China Due to Coronavirus

    The coronavirus, or COVID-19, outbreak is keeping a Tierrasanta woman from seeing the birth of her first grandchild in China. The viral outbreak is keeping two parts of a family thousands of miles away from each other at a time when they need each other the most. The love between a mother and daughter knows no distance. Nothing is more...

  • coronavirus Mar 7

    Coronavirus Keeps Grandmother From Seeing Birth of First Grandchild

    NBC 7’s Jackie Crea heard from the grandmother and her expanding family in China.

  • 2022 Winter Olympics Dec 26, 2019

    China Pours Billions Into Infrastructure, Talent as It Readies for 2022 Winter Olympics

    Two Chinese cities — namely Beijing and Zhangjiakou — witnessed a burst of activity in winter sports investment after China was named the host of the 2022 Winter Olympics. Since 2015, when it was announced that Beijing and its surrounding cities would play host in 2022, the Chinese government has been pushing for the development of winter sports. Some incentives include dishing…

  • China Nov 30, 2019

    Stone Brewing Selling Beers in China, Officially

    Stone Brewing has started selling its beers in China.

  • DONALD TRUMP Nov 29, 2019

    China Furious, Hong Kong Celebrates After US Move on Bills

    China reacted furiously Thursday to President Donald Trump’s signing two bills aimed at supporting human rights in Hong Kong, summoning the U.S. ambassador to protest and warning the move would undermine cooperation with Washington. Hong Kong, a former British colony that was granted semi-autonomy when China took control in 1997, has been rocked by six months of sometimes violent pro-democracy...

  • NBC Nov 28, 2019

    Superintendent's Use of East County District Funds Questioned in Lawsuit

    A trustee for the Cajon Valley Unified School District claims the district’s superintendent and other board members retaliated against her for voicing concerns about frequent travel and alleged misspending of district funds. Board member Jilane Barto’s claims are detailed in a federal lawsuit filed against Cajon Valley Unified superintendent David Miyashiro and four school board members: James Miller, Jo Alegria,...

  • Department of State Nov 27, 2019

    US Criticizes China for Abuses Against Minorities Revealed by Leaked Cables

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Tuesday that a cache of leaked documents proves that Chinese authorities are engaged in massive and systemic repression of Muslims and other minorities in western China, as a number of foreign governments expressed serious concern about the scale of the campaign. Pompeo said the documents underscored “an overwhelming and growing body of evidence” that...

  • China Nov 26, 2019

    Hong Kong Leader Refuses to Give Ground Despite Poll Setback

    Hong Kong’s embattled leader Carrie Lam refused to offer any concessions to anti-government protesters despite a local election trouncing, saying Tuesday that she will instead accelerate dialogue and identify ways to address societal grievances. Lam said the central government in Beijing didn’t blame her for the election outcome that gave the pro-democracy bloc a landslide victory with 90 percent of...

  • Beijing Nov 25, 2019

    Pro-Democracy Camp Wins Landslide in Hong Kong Vote

    Hong Kong’s pro-democracy opposition won a stunning landslide victory in weekend local elections in a clear rebuke to city leader Carrie Lam over her handling of violent protests that have divided the semi-autonomous Chinese territory. Wu Chi-wai, leader of the city’s biggest pro-democracy party, said Monday that the bloc swept nearly 90% of 452 district council seats, which will help...

  • Beijing Nov 25, 2019

    Pro-Democracy Candidates Advance in Key Hong Kong Elections

    Pro-democracy candidates won nearly half of the seats in Hong Kong’s local elections, according to partial returns Monday, as voters sent a clear signal of support for the anti-government protests that rocked the Chinese territory for more than five months. A record 71% of the city’s 4.1 million registered voters cast ballots Sunday, well exceeding the 47% turnout in the...

  • China Nov 25, 2019

    The Man Behind China's Detention of 1 Million Muslims

    After bloody race riots rocked China’s far west a decade ago, the ruling Communist Party turned to a rare figure in their ranks to restore order: a Han Chinese official fluent in Uighur, the language of the local Turkic Muslim minority. Now, newly revealed, confidential documents show that the official, Zhu Hailun, played a key role in planning and executing...

  • DONALD TRUMP Nov 22, 2019

    China Demands Trump Veto Bills on Hong Kong

    China on Thursday demanded President Donald Trump veto legislation aimed at supporting human rights in Hong Kong and renewed a threat to take “strong countermeasures” if the bills become law. Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act undermined both China’s interests and those of the U.S. in the semi-autonomous Chinese city. “We urge...

  • Associated Press Nov 19, 2019

    Taliban Frees US, Australian Professors Held Hostage for Over 3 Years

    The Taliban on Tuesday freed an American and an Australian held hostage since 2016 in exchange for three top Taliban figures — a move that the insurgent group asserted could help rekindle talks to end Afghanistan’s 18-year war. The hostages — American Kevin King and Australian Timothy Weeks — were released in an area of southern Afghanistan heavily controlled by...

  • United States Nov 19, 2019

    Last Holdouts Surrounded by Police at Hong Kong University

    About 100 anti-government protesters remained holed up at a Hong Kong university Tuesday, unsure what to do next as food supplies dwindled and a police siege of the campus entered its third day. City leader Carrie Lam said 600 people had left the Hong Kong Polytechnic campus, including 200 who are under 18 years old. Police have surrounded the university...

  • Facebook Nov 19, 2019

    University Campus Under Siege as Hong Kong Police Battle Protesters

    Police tightened their siege of a university campus where hundreds of protesters remained trapped overnight Tuesday in the latest dramatic episode in months of protests against growing Chinese control over the semi-autonomous city. In yet another escalation for the movement, protests raged across other parts of the city, fueled by palpable public anger over the police blockade of Hong Kong...

  • Facebook Nov 18, 2019

    Hong Kong Protesters Fight With Fire as Police Storm University

    Police breached a Hong Kong university campus held by protesters early Monday after an all-night siege that included firing repeated barrages of tear gas and water cannons.

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