SoundDiego Podcast EP8: “Music Is Like Beer: Everything Serves a Purpose” — Pizza Port's Jill Olesh

On EP8 of the SoundDiego Podcast, Pizza Port's Jill Olesh shares how Tom Petty opened her eyes to the world of live music, books her own imaginary festival lineup, plays a beer-and-band association game — and more

Pizza Port's Jill Olesh guests on Episode 8 of the SoundDiego Podcast
Eric Page

There are few more recognizable figures in San Diego craft-beer (and the local brewing scene in general) than Pizza Port's Jill Olesh. A lifelong bar/restaurant/brewery veteran, she is currently the senior sales and brand development manager for the local brewery chain, a former president of the San Diego Brewers Guild and helps spearheads the booking of the annual Rhythm & Brews Festival in Vista (unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's event has been postponed until 2021). When it comes to craft beer — and music, as you'll hear on the podcast — Olesh is your one-stop shop for knowledge, expert opinions and eye-opening insights. Visit for news, info and to place orders for beer to-go between 12-7:30 p.m. daily.

Listen to Episode 8 here:

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Episode 8 Show Notes:

  • Mike Pinto was Olesh's first roommate when she moved to California; she even slung merch for him at his shows! What a wild connection. Here's a video of Pinto performing his song "Come a Long Way" (recorded at Blue Dream Studios):
  • Olesh''s go-to karaoke song is Pat Benatar's "Love Is a Battlefield" — and as a quick reminder of just how great a tune that is, watch the video here.
  • Dustin's first-ever Pizza Port beer was the hefty Eukaryst Barrel-Aged Sinister Imperial Oatmeal Stout, which, as Olesh explained, packs a whopping 12 percent alcohol by volume. Unfamiliar with the local black-metal group that inspired the brew? Watch this video of "Witch House," live from Pizza Port!
  • No Doubt's "Tragic Kingdom" was one of Jill's first album purchases (along with Sublime's self-titled effort), and as a testament to how great it holds up after all these years, peep the video for one of its biggest hits, "Spiderwebs."
  • Pizza Port's Burning of Rome IPA has long been a local favorite and the clamoring for the multiple San Diego Music Award-winning group to get back together seems to grow more eager with each passing day. If you haven't heard the band's 2014 single, "Norman Bates" (the song Olesh said played on repeat while the beer was brewing), treat your eyes and ears to its horror-themed glory right here:
  • Our guest loves her some Devil Makes Three — with the Americana group popping up not once but twice on the episode. SoundDiego caught 'em in the act the last couples of times they toured through San Diego; check out some of our photos here.
  • As mentioned on the show, Olesh's good friends with the lads in Avenue Army, and as such, we just had to have 'em on this week's episode as our local Spotlight artist of the week. If you enjoyed their latest single, "Makin' or Breakin' Us," head over to and purchase some music or merch — and be sure to catch 'em at a local show when the world gets (somewhat) back to normal. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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