SoundDiego Podcast EP6: About San Diego's Ken Kramer

On EP6 of the SoundDiego Podcast, About San Diego's Ken Kramer sits in and shares his favorite piece of hometown lore, reveals the Beach Boys' local connection, explains why the Beatles couldn't sell out their 1965 Balboa Stadium show — and more.

Ken Kramer sits in for Episode 6 of the SoundDiego Podcast
Eric Page

Inarguably one of San Diego's most recognizable figures, Ken Kramer has been the host of "About San Diego" (it airs on KPBS Thursdays at 8 p.m.) for more than four decades in one iteration or another — and co-founded SDSU's KCR Radio (which he talks about on the episode), to boot! He's had his ear to the grindstone on San Diego history, legend and lore for years and continues to bring those cherished stories to life on his show. For more information on "About San Diego" and its host, visit his show's site on

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Episode 6 Show Notes:

  • Ken talked about how the LA radio show "The Big News" — and its host Ralph Story, in particular — spurred his interest in human-interest stories. Here's a little background on Story.
  • Need a not-so-quick music break? Here's the original 17-minute-long version of "In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida" by San Diego's own Iron Butterfly.
  • Gregory Page is this episode's Spotlight artist of the week and you can find his featured song "I'm Alive" on his latest album, "A Wild Rose," available at his website, Follow him on Facebook, where he's been livestreaming performances every couple of days.

Be sure to join us for a new episode of the SoundDiego Podcast every Monday. Upcoming guests include Soda Bar's Cory Stier, acclaimed San Diego rapper Choosey, NBC 7's Catherine Garcia, Pizza Port's Jill Olesh and Switchfoot's Drew Shirley! Thanks for listening, and until next time, enjoy the music.

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