Rainy Day Music

“The sky is falling, the sky is falling!”

No, San Diego, it’s rain, and a lot of it. There’s no denying that AFC (America’s Finest City) doesn’t respond well to rain. It’s not our fault; aside from it being foreign to San Diego’s skyline, our infrastructure can’t handle it (flooding, leaks and falling palm trees).  Needless to say, San Diego’s freeways are transformed into accident-laden parking lots with a “drive-at-your-own-risk” mentality. 

On a positive, In addition to watering our greenery and filling state reservoirs, torrential rain sets a tremendous tone for experiencing music: The rain pounds on the roof, you dim the lights, pour your favorite local IPA, slide into a Snuggie, light a candle, then fire-up your favorite rainy day music.

Here are five of my picks --  what are yours?

5. Gregory Page: "Right or Wrong"

4. The Xx: "Islands"

 3. Portishead: " Wandering Star"

2. Pinback: "Non Photo Blue"

1. Radiohead: "Everything in It’s Right Place"

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