PICS: Idles at the Observatory North Park

Worship your Idles: The critically acclaimed U.K. group returned to San Diego for the second time this year for a sold-out show at the Observatory North Park.

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Rick Ward
The band -- which hails from Bristol, England -- announced the show right after performing at the Belly Up back on May 21. The group is comprised of frontman Joe Talbot (pictured middle), bassist Adam Devonshire, guitarist Mark Bowen (left), drummer Jon Beavis (right) and guitarist Lee Kiernan.
Rick Ward
Area fans were so eager to see them again (or missed out on the May show) that Observatory tickets were snatched up immediately after going on-sale. (Bowen pictured)
Rick Ward
As expected, the group was absolutely mind-boggling live: They flail, jump and throw themselves around the stage with abandon -- all while mercilessly tearing through their set.
Rick Ward
While their sound contains elements of post-punk, post-hardcore and punk rock, the band eschews those categorizations, with Talbot (pictured right) saying in an interview with The Quietus: "We're not a post-punk band. I guess we have that motorik, engine-like drive in the rhythm section that some post-punk bands have but we have plenty of songs that aren't like that at all."
Rick Ward
Regardless of the genre, they seriously melted some faces on Oct. 7. The band started off with "Colossus," "Never Fight a Man With a Perm," "I'm Scum," "1049 Gotho," "Divide and Conquer" and "Faith in the City." (Kiernan pictured middle)
Rick Ward
Talbot then pulled a teenager onstage with him, handed them the microphone and asked them to introduce themselves to the crowd. The obviously shy fan quietly said their name.
Rick Ward
Talbot took the mic back and said: "Stacy, everybody!" The crowd erupted. "Stacy, how old are you?" Talbot asked. The fan told him and the frontman exclaimed into the mic, "15!" Again, the crowd went wild and started chanting "Stacy! Stacy!"
Rick Ward
Talbot turned to the crowd and said: "This is the future of our beautiful world. And what better way to show the future of our world what we can do and what we're capable of -- you're gonna support 'em and keep 'em up for the rest of this song which is about love. This song is called 'Love Song.' Keep 'em up and keep 'em safe!"
Rick Ward
Afterward, the band continued on with "Danny Nedelko," "Date Night," "Mother," "Exeter," "Samaritans," "Benzocaine," "Well Done," "Cry to Me" (a Solomon Burke cover) and "Rottweiler."
Rick Ward
There are few things on the planet like an Idles show. As our photographer Rick Ward told us: "I try to to capture a band's energy or moments when they appear to show energy -- these guys had so much energy it was hard to keep up. When my 10 minutes was up, I was winded!"
Rick Ward
We can only hope they come back sooner rather than later. Well done lads, and thank you.
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