New Music Tuesday: Elvis Costello, Huey Lewis, Matt&Kim

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Happy Election Day! While you’re out rocking the vote, there’s a handful of new music to check out on this first Tuesday of November. 

Recorded in 11 days in Los Angeles, Elvis Costello's latest release teams him up with Grammy-winning producer T-Bone Burnett, for a new album featuring members of the Imposters and Sugarcanes. San Francisco Giants fans Huey Lewis and the News release their first album in nine years with a tribute to legendary '60s soul label Stax Records, and Mariah Carey returns with a collection of R&B/pop holiday songs -- oh, joy. Other notable releases include new (ambient) material from Brian Eno, a Paul McCartney reissue and the Madden brothers re-teaming with Good Charlotte.

My pick of the week goes to Brooklyn-based hipster duo Matt&Kim and their new bouncy new album, Sidewalks. Built around smashing percussion and sunny synth textures, the new album lacks the carefree, childlike appeal of its predecessor, Grand (featuring the smash track “Daylight”) but is certainly worth a listen.

Now, Rock the Vote!

Other new releases include :

7 Walkers [Grateful Dead's Bill Kreutzmann & Papa Mali] -- 7 Walkers
Jason Aldean -- My Kinda Party
Autumn Defense [Wilco's John Stirratt & Pat Sansone] -- Once Around
Black Dub [Daniel Lanois] -- Black Dub
Mariah Carey -- Merry Christmas II You
City Champs  -- The Set-Up
Elvis Costello -- National Ransom
Dark Party -- Light Years
Destroyer -- The Archers On The Beach [EP]
Devin  -- The Dude Gotta Be Me
Neil Diamond -- Dreams
Brian Eno -- Small Craft On a Milk Sea
Good Charlotte -- Cardiology
Huey Lewis & The News -- Soulville
Matt And Kim -- Sidewalks
Mini Mansions -- Mini Mansions
N.E.R.D. -- Nothing
Paul McCartney & Wings -- Band on the Run (special edition)
Pitbull -- Armando
Kelly Rowland -- self-titled
Violens -- Amoral

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