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Man Assaults Fast Food Manager Over Tomatoes in Food

Enraged when the food he ordered showed up with tomatoes, the man allegedly punched the manager in the face



    Man Assaults Fast Food Manager Over Tomatoes in Food
    The sight of tomatoes in the fast food he ordered allegedly triggered a man's attack on a restaurant manager, according to police.

    A customer at a Sonic drive-in in Vero Beach, Fla., became enraged when he found tomatoes in the food he'd ordered and attacked the manager, according to a just-released police affadavit, West Palm Beach's NBC affiliate WPTV reported.

    The 36-year-old Michael Linn Ogborn wound up arrested and jailed last week on a battery charge for punching the fast-food manager in the face, police said.

    Ogborn said he punched the manager after he asked for a refund for the offending food and the manager spit on his shoes, provoking him.

    But the manager told cops that after Ogborn came into the employee area of the restaurant and yelling at employees, he was given the refund he requested. That didn't calm Ogborn, however, who the manager said then punched him in the face.

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    The affadavit didn't say what Ogborn had ordered — just that he had asked for it to come sans tomato.