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High School Teacher Charged For Pocketing Prom Funds

Her place on the prom committee gave her the opportunity to swindle around $800 of prom ticket money from students



    High School Teacher Charged For Pocketing Prom Funds
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    A former Lakota East High School teacher on the prom committee was charged after swindling around $800 of prom ticket money from students.

    A former Ohio high school teacher has been charged for pocketing prom ticket money.

    Heather Schoell-Schroeder, who taught at Lakota East High School, was charged Monday with misdemeanor theft after she swindled around $800 from students, Cincinnati.com reported.

    Schoell-Schroeder, 45, who was on the prom committee at the southwest Ohio school in a cash-strapped district, allegedly persuaded students to pay her directly for prom admission instead of following the rudimentary ticket sale process.

    Administrators first noticed that money may have been missing from ticket sales when students arrived at the April 28 prom and had trouble gaining admission. The legitimate tickets were issued electronically and Cincinnati.com reported that Schoell-Schroeder may have told students to find her at the prom to gain entrance.

    When students complained, Schoell-Schroeder allegedly told them not to report her about the missing $800, which is the equivalent amount of 20 prom tickets.

    An internal investigation was conducted immediately after the prom on April 30 and since then a relative of the former teacher’s has paid $160 of the missing money.

    Schoell-Schroeder, who disappeared from Lakota East after the prom, has reportedly quit her job as authorities investigated, according to the Journal News.