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When Celebrities Attack! (On the Web)

Models, actors, and athletes, oh my!



    When Celebrities Attack! (On the Web)
    Searching for Heidi Klum online could put you and your computer in a world of hurt.

    Sexy models?  Reality TV stars?  What could possibly go wrong?

    Turns out, if you're searching online for a model-turned reality TV star, you have a good chance of running right smack into a runway's worth of malicious viruses.

    Silicon Valley virus fighter McAfee has come up with its annual list of "Most Dangerous Celebrities" - meaning, those whose search results are targeted the most by hackers.  Topping the list, Heidi Klum.  McAfee says Klum searches come with a 1 in 10 chance of being connected to a malicious site.  The kind of site that can infect and damage your computer.

    Among the dangerous celebs this year, actresses Emma Stone, current Twitter trender Scarlett Johannson and Rachel McAdams, along with glamorous sports star Maria Sharapova. Perhaps giving us a hint into who's searching for celebs, the only men on the list this year are Brad Pitt and Piers Morgan.

    McAfee's message?  It's OK to keep up with your favorite stars, just be extra careful when searching for info on the hot ones.  If the website they're on is unfamiliar, move to somewhere else for your celebrity gossip.  And if an email comes in promising tidbits or photos, and you don't know - or trust - who it's from?  Hit delete.  Heidi (or Scarlett, or Brad) can be found elsewhere.

    Scott is perfectly safe online, and on Twitter:  @scottbudman