SportsWrap Launches on

The just-launched SportsWrap on aims to inform and entertain the diverse, perhaps even eclectic, sports town that is San Diego.

We have fans of football, baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, golf, tennis, surfing, Olympic events … you name it, San Diegans watch (and more likely participate in) it.

Sports fans in our town are also intelligent and informed. Sportswrap on is aimed at catering to that audience.

We will share information on the Chargers, Padres, Aztecs, Toreros, Tritons and all the other teams, athletes and events, but more than that, we’re going to offer analysis on news from people who truly know San Diego sports.

It is one thing to know what happened. It’s another thing to know why it happened, what it will lead to, and how it affects the San Diego sports landscape.

As a TV News entity, we do video extremely well, so you can expect to see plenty of moving pictures, including interviews with your favorite local athletes.

Plus, sports and entertainment go hand-in-hand, so we’ll be talking about the fun aspects of the sports world.

We understand you lead a busy life, so have made it easy to get SportsWrap updates on the go. Click HERE to sign up for the daily SportsWrap newsletter – and follow SportsWrap lead contributor Derek Togerson HERE on Twitter. You will also find SportsWrap coverage on the free NBC 7 iPhone, Android, and iPad apps.

Bottom line, the goal of Sportswrap on is to inform and entertain you. But, not always in that order! 

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