San Diego's Hot Husbands

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, San Diego Magazine sought out a half-dozen San Diego husbands who reaffirm their faith in love and marriage. The magazine asked wives to nominate their husbands and received numerous entries. Employees sifted through the pile and gathered the list down to six hubbies. Here are a few:

Jimmie Johnson
The magazine admits Johnson’s wife had to be talked into participating but her hubby is one most women will not deny is a hottie. Johnson is the reigning NASCAR Sprint Cup champion – yeah, that’s right he drives fast cars. What’s hotter than that?

Hal Dunning
The COO & CFO of Barney & Barney, Dunning was a bachelor until age 45. His wife tells the magazine she’s lucky he waited for the right woman to marry. “Hal always puts family first,” his wife said. A family man who’s also good looking? Yup, even Paris would agree “That’s hot.”

Serge Dedna
As Executive Director of Wildcoast, Dedna is passionate about the environment. His wife tells the magazine Dedna has been fighting to clean up the beaches since he was 17 – a man after our own hearts! And he proposed to her in Morocco? There’s a reason why we love Latin men!

See pictures of the husbands profiled and read about the other Hot Husbands in this month’s edition of San Diego Magazine.

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