San Diego Loyal

Rio Grande Valley Strikes Late, Drops Loyal to 0-2

After falling 4-1 in their season opener, a late strike by the Toros doomed San Diego Thursday night.

San Diego Loyal

The Loyal showed improvement Thursday night, six days after a disappointing 4-1 loss at Phoenix to start the season. But the end result was the same.

Rio Grande Valley used a late goal to beat San Diego 1-0, dropping the Loyal to 0-2.

In the 87th minute Christian Sorto delivered a ball near the six-yard box for Vicente Sanchez, who placed it past Trey Muse for the game's lone goal.

Sanchez was flanked by four orange jerseys, who were left flatfooted by the time Sorto's pass met Sanchez's foot. The Loyal backline looked on helplessly as the Toros scored the game winner.

Landon Donovan's team generated its share of scoring opportunities. In the 22nd minute Cory Hertzog appeared to deliver a 1-0 lead, but Hertzog was whistled offsides.

Tyler Deric made three saves for Rio Grande Valley. He was also assisted by a teammate in stoppage time, who redirected a header from Elijah Martin that would have tied the match.

The Loyal head to Tacoma May 13 still in search of their first win.

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