Video: The ‘Henrik Zetterberg' job interview

Last week we introduced you actor Jacob Hawkins and director Greg DeLiso, who put together a clever "Day in the Life of Henrik Zetterberg" clip on YouTube. It worked because of Hawkins's uncanny resemblance to the Detroit Red Wings star, and because it was pretty darn hilarious.

The viral video was intended to be the "pilot" for a series of clips, with the intention of getting the NHL's attention for a potential marketing campaign. One spot they promised was a "Zetterberg job interview" parody, which they released yesterday. Check it out:

Great stuff -- the coffee line earned a big grin. So far, so good, but we hope that this doesn't fall into the same pattern as last postseason's Henrik Zetterberg Hip-Hop Slow Jams meme; one that started out hilarious ("Snipe, Snipe!") before trickling down to average in later editions.

We know Greg and Jacob read Puck Daddy; you have any requests for the continuing adventures of "Henrik Zetterberg"? Seriously, this thing could be hockey's answer "New York Goes To Work" on VH1. Now, if we can only find hockey's answer to "Daisy of Love" ...

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