Puck Daddy's NHL Trade Deadline Live Blog, Hour 4

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11:00 a.m. EST -- "Sabres likely to trade Connolly." Yeah, not so much, Bucky.

Dave Pagnotta had been reporting a multi-year deal for Tim Connolly and the Buffalo Sabres all morning, it's been confirmed by TSN: Two years for the oft-injured center, at $4.5 million per season.

Nine million for Tim Connolly? Well, if he wasn't a self-centered dink before ...

Connolly will make more money that Derek Roy and Jochen Hecht for the next two seasons for being allegedly a better player "when healthy." Keep in mind that if you added up the last three seasons right now, he'd still have less than 82 games played. 

Connolly's signing reduces the option for the Sabres at the deadline, which is OK: This team wasn't going to reshape its roster at the deadline. They should still be in the market for a little help on the blue line.

Has Olli Jokinen's price tag just jumped or what?

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