Padres Greg Garcia Finds Silver Lining in Delayed Season

The El Cajon native is back home in San Diego, while Major League Baseball is on hiatus.

Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres

On the week that Major League Baseball was supposed to return, and fans expected to flock to Petco Park - Greg Garcia was at home in San Diego Monday, focusing on a different gig.

"Just being Dad."

The Valhalla grad left Peoria and returned to town March 17th, after MLB cut off formal workouts and encouraged players to go home in response to the spread of coronavirus.

The prior Thursday, MLB canceled remaining Spring Training games and announced that the season would be delayed at least two weeks. Now players are in limbo, waiting for their opportunity to gather together again in preparation for the 2020 season.

In the meantime he has been hitting, lifting and working out to keep himself ready.

"A lot of guys have been training since December," Garcia said. "You're punishing your body in the offseason and then the season is supposed to be when you tone it back and just enjoy playing. That's the fun part. That's why we work hard every single day. That's why put in time at the gym is to go play at Petco. We don't know when that's going to come, so I think it's gonna take a toll on us mentally and physically."

Garcia knows the season will arrive at some point. So for the time being he's trying to enjoy a rare opportunity.

"I've never been able to be home like this with my daughter and my wife."

Greg and his wife Hannah had Olivia in June of 2018. These days their home is part daycare, with Olivia calling the shots.

"She's basically running the asylum right now."

With baseball taking a backseat, the Padres infielder has a little more time to focus on the moments you can't get back.

"I'm enjoying watching her grow every single day, and I know one day I'm gonna get back to work. It's just a matter of when."

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