MLB Moves Deadline to Tuesday as Sides Inch Closer to Deal

A marathon day of negotiations ended without a new CBA, but with hope that a deal may not be far off.

There is no new deal, but there is renewed hope of the 2022 MLB season starting on time.

The league and players union met more than a dozen times over a day of negotiations that lasted over 16 hours in Jupiter, Florida. Their talks did not result in a new collective bargaining agreement, but enough progress was made to compel MLB to push back its deadline to Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. PST.

The league threatened to cancel games and delay the start of the season if the sides could not finalize an agreement today. Opening Day on March 31 is still intact.

While major issues need to be ironed out, such as the luxury tax threshold, other key decisions appear to be settled. Most notably, multiple reports indicated that the league will expand the postseason to 12 teams.

Talks will continue in Florida Tuesday, a day some suspect will bring a new CBA. If negotiations stall we will find out how firm MLB is on its deadline, and how willing they are to cancel regular season games.

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