Listen: #OnFriar Podcast – Protect Bebo at All Costs, and MLB Negotiations with Padres Beat Writer Bernie Wilson

The longtime Associated Press sportswriter offered his perspective on talks between MLB and the Players Association, and what makes covering Fernando Tatis Jr. so much fun.

For what seems like the first time since Major League Baseball suspended games, there was some movement towards finally starting the season. Unfortunately it still feels like we're a long ways away from baseball.

With Major League Baseball currently in talks with the MLB Players Association on a blueprint for the 2020 season, Associated Press Padres beat writer Bernie Wilson joined On Friar to discuss this week's reports. Owners and the league want revenue-sharing. Players don't want a salary cap, and do have concerns about their health and safety. Will those differences get in the way of baseball in 2020? Or are the two sides motivated enough to put a product on the field and serve fans to make some concessions?

The guys discussed the situation with Bernie, and asked him if his outlook on the situation was 'half full' or 'half empty'.

Plus - what is Bernie doing to pass the time? Is Poway East County? What can we learn about labor negotiations from the show Ozark? And what makes Fernando Tatis Jr. (aka 'Bebo') so much fun to cover?

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