Tony Kornheiser Will Use MNF to Only Talk About Brett Favre (and Dry Cleaning)

Tony Kornheiser really is an insufferable clown. It pains me to write that because for almost 30 years he was one of the best sportswriters in the country, but since cutting back (and eventually leaving) his Washington Post gig, and being named the third wheel in the Monday Night Football booth, he's gone from respected newspaperman to Woody Paige light. In case there's any confusion, that's not a compliment.

During the first two MNF games, Mr. Tony spent equal time yelling about Brett Favre -- even though, you know, the Jets weren't playing -- and making inane observations while talking over boothmates Mike Tirico and Ron Jaworski, two guys made infinitely more interesting by comparison.

And now, with the Chargers and Jets facing off this Monday night, guess where Kornheiser will focus his attention? Yep, it's FAVRE-MANIA! Or something.

And this much we know: Kornheiser will not shy from talking about Favre. In fact, he did it so much in the "MNF" opener between the Vikings and the Favre-less Packers that "Tirico had to put a moratorium on me," Kornheiser said.

But he makes no apologies. "It's impossible to believe anybody would think any story approaches Brett Favre so far this year in football," he said.

"I talked extensively about him in Game 1; I talked about him in Game 2 and I will talk about him in Game 3," Kornheiser said. "He is just one of a handful of compelling figures" in the NFL, he added, putting Favre on a short list with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Quick suggestion to the ESPN production higher-ups: focus groups. Try them. I'm quite certain a random sampling of NFL fans have absolutely no interest in hearing about Favre, particularly in those games WHERE HE'S NOT EVEN PLAYING. For starters, it's hardly original, and moreover, Peter King has had that market cornered for more than a decade now.

If Mr. Tony wants to make MNF more compelling, maybe he should try to play down the "hey, I'm a big buffoon!" angle and actually contribute to the telecast. If that means fewer fatuous comments, so be it. A nation will thank you, I promise.

via TSB

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