Michael Vick Will Plead Guilty to Virginia Dog Fighting Charges

Michael Vick is currently serving federal prison time for his involvement in a dog fighting ring, but still faces charges in Virginia for the same crimes. If he has his way, it won't be that way for long. We told you last week that Vick is asking a court to allow him to plead guilty to the charges via video from Leavenworth. Well, folks, that's going to happen today.

A plea agreement has been agreed to by Vick and the state and the actual plea is the only stumbling block. The state prosecutor said he offered Vick a three-year suspended sentence and a $2,500 fine that would go away if he's a good boy for four years. The need to do it by video is because the prosecutor doesn't want to pay to bring Vick from Kansas to Virginia.

"In the interest of accepting full responsibility for the conduct charged in this case, Mr. Vick is attempting to admit his guilt and bring this prosecution to an end," wrote one of his attorney, Billy Martin, in the motion.

It's pretty clear that if the feds hadn't stepped into this case, Vick would have done no time whatsoever. Virginia couldn't get a grand jury indictment, even after Vick admitted guilt on federal charges, and the sentence is quite light for two charges which carry up to five years in prison each.

If the court accepts the plea, Vick will be eligible to move from prison to a halfway house in January and would complete that sentence in July. Jerry Jones may already have the date circled on his calender.

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