Jake Peavy Interested in the Cubs, Lou Piniella Interested in Curt Schilling

You know, for trade talks that are supposed to be dead, there is still an awful lot of talk in Chicago about Jake Peavy coming over from the San Diego Padres. The Cubs were involved pretty heavily in talks with the Padres all winter about possibly prying the ace away, but San Diego's asking price was too high, and the Cubs never pulled the trigger.

Of course, just because the Padres didn't deal Peavy during the winter doesn't mean he isn't going to be the first contract on the trading block if San Diego stumbles out of the gate. That's why it was really nice of Peavy to stoke the fires after shutting the Cubs down in Arizona on Sunday.

"Obviously, Chicago was a team that I did have an interest in playing for, and I respect [general manager] Jim Hendry and the organization," he said. "I respect a lot of the players they have and feel like they have a good bunch, and obviously [it's] a great city. [Those] were reasons I identified the Cubs as a team I wanted to be a part of if I had to move on from San Diego.

"Other than doing that, I just let the guys making the decisions make them. I have no idea [what will happen]. I know I'm here and I have to prepare like I'm a San Diego Padre."

In other words, Peavy is still more than willing to be a Cub. He's not the only pitcher who has come out and publicly declared their interest in the Cubbies, though. Over the weekend Curt Schilling made it known he'd like to pitch this season, and that his preferred destinations would be in Tampa Bay or the North Side of Chicago.

It's an idea that Lou Piniella can get down with.

"This guy, he's a pro," Piniella said. "I don't know how accurate [the reports] are, but if you get a pitcher with his credentials and his winning habits, it would be something to explore."

I'm not sure what Schilling has to offer after missing last season, but I agree with Piniella. Considering the trouble the Cubs have had winning postseason games the last few years, I don't see how at least seeing what an October stud like Schilling can do would hurt.

Sign him to a one-year deal -- Schilling has said he doesn't care about money -- and if it doesn't work out, go after Peavy in May or June.

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