If Nobody Answers Phone at NFL Drug Hotline, Just Leave a Message

The NFL used to be about football. Recently, it's been more about punishing players for any number of transgressions, many of them bordering on the ridiculous.

What isn't ridiculous, at least in theory, is keeping performance-enhancing drugs out of the league. But the devil, as they say, is in the details.

Last week we learned that several NFL players had tested positive for a banned diuretic that not only helps with weight loss, but is also used as a masking agent for steroids. The biggest names included Saints Will Smith and Deuce McAllister, and Vikings Pat Williams and Kevin Williams.

In an effort to educate players about what they can legally put into their bodies, the NFL set up a telephone hotline. Seems simple enough: have a question about a supplement, get somebody on the horn and get an answer.

One problem, though: the ol' phone bank is understaffed. At least according to Vikings wideout Bernard Berrian:

"You've got to take some responsibility and call in to that hotline (to inquire about the legality of certain products)," Berrian told hosts Adam Schein and John Riggins. "But I know one thing about that hotline. I've called twice before and actually never gotten a hold of anybody sometimes.

"So even when you do try to do the right thing sometimes it is still hard to get a hold of somebody and really find out what you're really taking," Berrian said.

Berrian said he got through on his third attempt to find out about a new protein drink he wanted to try.

Maybe the NFL Gestapo should be less hellbent on eradicating dancing from stadium end zones, and more concerned about the slightly more important issues. Just a thought.

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