Daunte Culpepper Gets Lions to Goal Line, Drew Stanton Takes Care of the Rest

Ryan Wilson

by Ryan Wilson

No idea what the script for the Jaguars-Lions game would even look like -- there are so many subplots, it's hard to keep up with all of them -- but Daunte Culpepper, Pee Wee League football coach earlier this week, got the start for Detroit and promptly reintroduced fans to what made him so good in Minnesota: play-action fake and throw it as far as you can.

But instead of Randy Moss running underneath 50-yard bombs, Calvin Johnson now has the honors. On the Lions third drive of the game, Culpepper found Johnson on a 51-yard bomb, and two plays later Detroit made it down to the Jaguars two-yard line. And then things got weird. (Weirder?)

After a Detroit timeout, Drew Freaking Stanton calmly jogged onto the field like he was actually going to play in a real live NFL game or something. I can't imagine the range of emotions offensive coordinator Jim Colletto, who sits in the booth during games, must've been experiencing.

After a Stanton-to-Kevin Smith handoff for a small gain, a play later, Stanton rolled right and found tight end John Owens in the end zone. For a touchdown. That's right, the World's Most Embarrassing Player actually made a play. Fancy that.

Which obviously means one thing: there's quarterback controversy in Detroit. Or at the very least, the Lions have found their goal-line QB and, ironically, it isn't the fat guy.

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