Cowboys Have No Plans to Punish Pacman

Disaster averted: according to the always reliable Chris Mortensen (via MDS at PFT), "Adam" Pacman Jones didn't violate his contract when he allegedly scuffled with his bodyguard.

And after a lengthy internal investigation (read: a quick look at the depth chart, and the realization that cornerback Terence Newman still isn't completely healthy*), the Cowboys have no plans to discipline Mr. Pacman since, you know, he didn't break any team rules.

Mort reports that the bodyguard, an off-duty police officer, "told team security that some 'kidding around' and 'playfulness' between himself and the player resulted in a brief scuffle in a restroom." That's enough for Hairpiece, apparently.

The head of security for the Cowboys delivered his findings to Jerry Jones, whom sources say is content in the belief the incident has been overblown. However, the owner has reminded the player that Adam Jones' reputation and prior incidents place him under the highest scrutiny.

Yes, because we all need to be reminded of that. In any event, Dear Leader Goodell was on ESPN Radio earlier today and is awaiting all the facts before inevitably rendering a guilty verdict.

"It's clear there was some type of an incident," Goodell said. "Once we do understand the facts then we can make a judgment. ... I'm disappointed that we're even discussing this at this point in time," he said.

Disappointed, for sure. But surprised? Somehow I doubt it.

* baseless speculation

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