Colts Secretive Concerning Injury Status of Joseph Addai

Reports surfaced this week that, as expected, Joseph Addai would miss two to four weeks with a partially torn hamstring.

Addai and the Colts, however, haven't given any sort of timetable, nor have they completely ruled him out for this coming game in Green Bay. Head Coach Tony Dungy's reaction was particularly odd.

"I hope not," he said. "I've had pulled muscles that kept me out a week or two. I would think a torn muscle would be a problem."

"But I hadn't heard that, other than reading it in the paper."

You'd think the head honcho would be in the loop on something like this, as he was with the knowledge that Mike Hart's knee injury was severe (it turned out to be season-ending and possibly career-altering). Dungy's also not really known to lie, as he's an upfront and honest kind of guy. This leads me to believe Addai's hammy is really just pulled and not torn. Just a guess, as I have no extra knowledge of the situation.

Addai himself never really came out and said what the issue was, just that it hurts and he's not full-go.

"It's too early to say,'' Addai said Thursday. "The biggest thing is just trying to get back to where it was."

"I just know in the game I felt it a little bit, so I didn't want to go," he said. "I can't really say what it really was. I know right now it's not feeling too good."

"The biggest thing is . . . just trying to get it back strong."

I'd just count on Dominic Rhodes admirably filling in this weekend for now. There's no real reason to push Addai and end up having him hurt the thing worse, especially in light of how well Rhodes fared against a stellar Baltimore run defense last Sunday. The Packers aren't nearly as tough on the run.

We'll know a lot more by the end of next week as to the status of the studly Addai.

Fantasy Spin:
Obviously, you need to pay attention to the news leading up to the game Sunday. There will be updates constantly on the situation, because Addai was your first-rounder. If he plays, he's a must-start.

If he doesn't -- and that's what we're assuming for now -- Rhodes is a must-start in the overwhelming majority of fantasy leagues. I'd even like to use Rhodes as a bye-week fill-in RB3 if Addai plays, because he'll likely be limited.

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