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Pac 10 March Madness Preview



    Pac 10 March Madness Preview
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    Cheerleaders for the Florida State Seminoles dance during the game against the Wisconsin Badgers.

    The Pac Ten will be sending more than one team to the big dance this year, but the conference winning Cal Bears may have the best shot of getting you points in your bracket picks.

    Cal will have senior and Pacific Ten Player of the year Jerome Randle leading them into the tournament and are expected to be a number 8 or 9 seed.

    This year's March Madness will be without a few of its usual powerhouses, including UCLA, North Carolina and Connecticut. But don't think that means it will be any easier for West Coast teams to keep playing through April. 

    The latest coaches polls have Kansas atop the nation, as Syracuse was dethroned Saturday by Louisville 73-63.

    Kansas has a 29-2 record and has proven to be the most consistent team throughout the season.

    The Big East has the best odds at bringing home a championship, as they will be sending eight teams to the dance.

    The Washington Huskies are on a sleeper alert.  They are the other team representing the Pac 10 and are expecting to be somewhere around a 13 or 14 seed.

    In the last eight years of the tournament there have been 12 upsets by teams ranked 13 or higher. 

    The moral of the story:  The Pac 10 will not be sending as many teams as previous years, but don’t loose hope just yet.